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You can buy our recent live recording “Hartmut Hillmann Band Live at ’Tag der offenen Herzen’ 2012” as a full quality or mp3 download (US$ 5.99), or a burned Hardcopy-CD (US$ 12.99 including worldwide shipping) here.

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The Audio-Content:
1. Soapbuster (9:05)
2. Die Hymne (12:30)
3. Kankucho (11:21)
4. Point of View (17:41)

Total play length: 50:46


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New line-up, free song download, new CD coming soon!

We have two new members in our line-up: long time friend and bass fellow Ralf Bopp and drummer Michael Penning! And we did a first gig after two rehearsals: „Tag der offenen Herzen“, here’s a new song, „Soapbuster“, which will be on our new CD coming in early 2013. We plan to rehearse and record in late autumn 23012.
You can download „Soapbuster“ until September 30th for free at soundcloud!

Buy "Point of View" and help Japanese Children!

We just want to let you know that we proudly present our latest Audio CD, "Point of View" by Hartmut Hillmann Band recorded live at the "Mangetsu" Izakaya Restaurant from January 2010 to January 2011. You can buy it now for just 15 US $ (ca.10,50 EUR) including worldwide shipping! We will donate 3US$ (ca.2.00 EUR) from each sold CD to Save the Children's Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. Just send the money via Paypal.

(Email us, if You dont want to use Paypal or your credit card information.)

"Point of View" CD Release Teaser Video

New CD " Point of View" coming February 19th

We are happy to announce our new CD: Hartmut Hillmann Band - Point of View / Live@Mangetsu

From the liner notes:

Everything in life depends on your point of view. Is it beautiful or ugly, useful or useless, right or wrong, harmful or healthy, good or bad? Buddhism teaches: “It's not the problem that is the problem, it is how we look at it - our viewpoint.” And sometimes it’s very helpful - not only for an artist - to change our point of view on purpose to get new inspirations.

Music is all about telling stories without words. Every composition has it’s own story told and interpreted by different musicians with different points of view, depending on their personal experiences, knowledge, skills and attitude.

This Audio CD contains a selection of songs which were recorded during 13 live concerts at the Japanese Izakaya Restaurant “Mangetsu” (full moon) in Frankfurt, Germany from January 2010 to January 2011. The Mangetsu full moon parties have a very intimate and special atmosphere, presenting the Hartmut Hillmann Band along with superior, yet simple, traditional Japanese cuisine.

It was not an easy task to choose from about 50 hours of music. A lot of songs had undergone severe alteration and mutation through those thirteen months. Some were developed and formed by improvisation and repetition, some had no melody in the beginning. But now we are proud to present the essence of our concerts in five songs. Fix yourself a cup of the included “Micro Cha”(you’ll find the green tea powder attached to the inside of the the DVD box) lean back, listen, enjoy!

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