Since you have found this site it’s likely that you are a bass player? Anyway, even if you like piccolo flutes (as myself) you are welcome to explore the realms of depth and the profound sound, the abyss of the ground level notes, the bottom lines, the low frequency riders! Bass is more than an instrument, it’s a philosophy of life.

Bass People
No guitar??? No sax??? No trumpet??? We promise you - you won’t miss none of them! The Hartmut Hillmann Band is a group of six bassicionados, a band with a lot of stories to tell, all with a looow voice. A Band with two basses, sometimes twelve strings, a lot of keys, even more drums of all kinds, and most important a fat groove which kicks you out of your recliner makes you getting up from your Wii-couch moving your ass to the deep notes.

The Hartmut Hillmann Band started as the house band of the Frankfurt, Germany based Japanese Izakaya Restaurant, Mangetsu (full moon). It can be heard at their monthly Full Moon Party , which has been taken place since 2008. Since the location was very small and the restaurant guests’ priority was not listening to a band in the first place, the volume had to be kept on a moderate level. Hartmut invited two percussion players instead of a drummer and started to use loops, samples and drum programming as a new musical conception. The song structures were mostly improvised and here and there some themes and melodies evolved from gig to gig. The musicians take their time, without the pressure to make a statement within five minutes. Thus many songs continue about twenty to thirty minutes with a magical, trance-like atmosphere. The reputation grew by word of mouth and soon the band got requests for gigs from other clubs and venues. For those bigger stages Hartmut made his dream with a two bass setup come true. Ralf Bopp a renown solo bass player and good friend filled the second bass chair and Michael Penning jumped in as drummer.

The Hartmut Hillmann Band is now featuring some of the finest musicians around: besides Hartmut on basses, bass-synthesizer, loops and voice, there is Ralf Bopp on bass, Joe Hain on keyboards and percussion, percussionist Klaus “Nirjan” Frölich and Indian/Tamil percussionist Nagaswaran “Warren” Wunderlich, and las but not least Michael Penning on drums. The band’s mix of natural instruments with extensive use of loops and electronics results in some enigmatic Heavy-Urban-Ethno-Funk-Crossover-Hiphop-World-Music. The Sextet’s debut album will be in stores and online distribution services like Amazon, iTunes Store, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Napster in February 2013.
Hartmut Hillmann

Hartmut has been one of the most prolific German six-string bass-guitar players for more than twenty-five years. Initially inspired by Anthony Jackson, he started to adapt the styles of the likes of Jaco Pastorius and Marcus Miller for the six-string fretted and fretless instrument in 1987. He integrated the bass synthesizer in his setup in the early years of the new millennium, but the tracking problems were a big hindrance, but since ROLAND made their GR-55 in 2011, he could play his fluent lines at last. Besides his incredible ability to groove and play in a supportive way, he is an ethnomusicologist who has studied African and Indian rhythms intensively. He is very grateful to his mentors Charlie Banacos, Jean-Francois Jenny Clarke, David Friedman, Jeff Andrews, Anthony Cox, Jimi Haslip and Gary Willis.

Joe Hain

Joe is an outstanding keyboarder, improviser and sound creator. He has been playing piano since age four and soon started to create his own melodies and songs. Later, he also began to play drums and percussion and earned quite a reputation as a jazz drummer.

Ralf Bopp

Though Ralf has strong rock roots, he turned eventually to a jazz/funk bass player, showing off his chops as groovemaster and virtuoso solo player.

Nagaswaran "Warren" Wunderlich

Warren was born in Sri Lanka as a descendant of a dynasty of musicians. He has a Tamil father and a South-Indian mother, who was a music teacher with 30 students living at their house all the time. Thus he was all into music since his early childhood, playing all kinds of Indian instruments before switching to “Western” percussion.

Michael Penning

Michael is well known for his open attitude playing all styles of music without losing the original feel of a song. He's an accomplished piano player too.

Klaus "Nirjan" Frølich

Nirjan has been playing congas and percussion since he started thinking. His ability to nail down a groove puts him on par with great congueros, such as Giovanni Hidalgo or Manolo Badrena.